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 Odd little something...

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Odd little something... Empty
PostSubject: Odd little something...   Odd little something... Icon_minitimeMon Oct 27, 2008 11:30 pm

So, for some odd reason, every time I turn on my console, get on the Orange Box, and try and join a TF2 game, my 360 refuses to load the map, then brings me a kind of pop-up saying I've lost connection to the host or something. It then gives me a nice 'press A to continue' type sign, which doesn't work, as pressing A, no matter how many times, does nothing. The game then forces me off of my profile (after I've returned to the Dashboard) and off of live, where I then need to sign back in, and get back into The Orange Box. The odd thing is, the second time around, everything is fine and I can play games easily...

Any help on this odd problem?

Odd little something... SentryGun1-1-1
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Odd little something...
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